Exploring the subcontinental roster of indie pop with its quirky instrumentation and dewy-eyed imagery, ‘The Snowfalls’ conveys a real sense of ‘reminiscence’- akin to the vintage filters one finds on Instagram […]

What is outstanding about Nisennenmondai is that they could easily bring a show suitable for all those ecstasy-fuelled addicts, but also a disturbing experience that could easily jeopardize Sonic Youth´s walls of noise and drone […]

Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway: Strange instrumentation, no real choruses, no hooks and a weird shrieking voice […]

“It’s 30 years since Manchester four-piece The Smiths changed the face of British pop with their debut single ‘Hand In Glove’. In this half-hour Culture Show special, fellow Mancunian and lifelong fan Tim Samuels sets out to find out why The Smiths have such a special place in the hearts of a generation of Brits” […]

Review originally published for Gigslutz – Loud as fuck, disturbing and perversely beautiful; that´s the sound coming out of trashed amps when you listen to Dressmaker – one of London’s most satisfying experiences if you are looking for something to outrage your inner peace […]

Marc Ford, Black Crowes´ former lead guitarist sets the tone of a show full of contemplative acoustic Americana at a dark intimate Soho basement […]

Dressed in black and white as a symbol that defines the archetype of Saint Agnes; a badge that floats between the saintly and evil as well as the obscure and the pure. Guitar riffs a la Jack White while Jon´s and Kitty´s vocals define the plot of a dark sonic experience […]

Just a couple of days ago, the insatiable machine of pop culture named David Bowie, unexpectedly returned with an exciting announcement after attending a fundraising event in a London bar. Is it The Next Day´s follow-up? The most expected comeback in the history of live music? A single? Old rarities from his vault? While we wait for the “voracious reader” and a man who “reads a book a day” to make his move, will you start grabbing one of these works or you´ll continue wasting your time with the comfort of nonsense?

Despite the album was considered by the majority of the music press as “the worst album ever made”, Lester Bang considered Lou Reed´s Metal Machine Music (1975) as “the greatest record ever made in the history of the human eardrum”, while Lou said that with this infamous collection of noise, he invented heavy metal, grunge, noise rock and everything related to feedback-like perversion. And, maybe he´s right…Enjoy one of the best music reviews ever written […]

REVIEW ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED FOR GIGSLUTZ – Powerful melodies, allusions to The Smiths, pop culture references, a touch of glam, wistful acoustic guitars, memorable and eloquent verses, brilliant jingles, humor combined with darkness and introspective moments a la Viva Hate, Bona Drag, or Vauxhall and I […]

Based in the not so warm coast of Brighton, these kids (between 18 and 19 years old) fascinated with reverbs and barricades of noise, certainly wrapped up some sonic tension embellished by impenetrable riffs and post-punk-like monotonous drums […]

Review originally published for Gigslutz – “Where the heck am I?” I asked myself this question several times during the three-day return of the Hop Farm Music Festival. “Is this a rock ‘n’ roll event?” the answer´s no. Unlike other summer festivals full of tempting perversion, fascinating perdition and auto destruction […]

“Jools Holland embarks on a personal journey through the streets, historical landmarks, pubs, music halls and rock ‘n’ roll venues of London to uncover a history of the city through its songs, the people who wrote them and the Londoners who joined in the chorus.”

Text originally published for Gigslutz – After last year´s cancellation, the festival that defends no sponsorship/no branding and embraces musical diversity is back with an eclectic line-up and some unmissable acts. Here are our ten acts you must not miss this weekend […]

It is mystical, ominous, beautiful and strangely dark and foreboding, as if something not quite right is about to happen […]

Review originally published for Gigslutz – Just less than three months ago, Interpol triumphantly left the iconic art-deco walls of Brixton Academy splattered with their sound. Last Wednesday, the New York rockers successfully turned on the bright lights again with a victorious comeback to London´s Electric Ballroom […]

Bob Dylan´s words of wisdom from democracy to death […]

From songs that rip society, backstabbing dogs, the hypocritical, power-hungry pigs as well as the cowardly sheep to the most depressing, sorrowful and plain sad sound ever to grace a record. Welcome to the cream of Pink Floyd […]

★ ★ ★ ★ If you think that David Bowie, next to Marc Bolan, The New York Dolls and Roxy Music pioneered glam rock and androgyny in music, well, it´s true, but you´re certainly not giving credit to Jobriath, this graceful and unlucky man…

Just put David Bowie, the savviest vampire in pop music after descending from a mountain of cocaine and an unhealthy obsession with occultism in Los Angeles into a rehab of class A drugs next to Iggy Pop […]