Tenebrous Liar – Turn It On [Review]

Tenebrous Liar- Turn It On [Review]

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On 13/12/2016
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Tenebrous Liar- Turn It On [Review]

Alejandro De Luna

Active since 2005 and with seven studio albums pursuing the grim abyss, the Coventry-based latest project led by musician and rock photographer Steve Gullick is a brief but condensed piece of self-imposed desolation and funereal noise.

As soon as you listen to ‘This Ground’, the opening track of Tenebrous Liar’s forthcoming EP, the living poltergeist of Nick Cave haunts the speakers. Darkness submerge from the gloomy soundscape crushed by layers of somber noise, feedback, Steve Gullick’s baritone and the weeping of guitars embracing industrial debris.

Throughout the EP, there is a feel of claustrophobia and despair that expands in the second track, an instrumental piano-driven piece of striking melancholy that flirts with ambient music. The final track wraps up nicely the 15-minute requiem with psychedelic guitar reverbs reminiscent of the Spaghetti Western revival, but turning into a krautrockian delirium.

Turn It On by Tenebrous Liar will be released in a cassette edition limited to 30 box sets via Dead Fidelity on December 16th, 2016. A tempting and scarce release for the devotees of the gloom.


1. This Ground
2. Sonny’s Theme
3. Turn It On

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