Iggy Pop: From The Stooges to Bowie’s Berlin [Documentary]

Iggy Pop: From The Stooges to Bowie’s Berlin [South Bank Show Documentary]

I was trying to create a new musical form. It wasn’t good enough to just do four garage chords and put a few words. No. Something new enough to work. To do that, it was going to be necessary to have people who knew even less than I do. – Iggy Pop

I wasn’t gonna master that particular form or instrument. But I had a brainstorm. I smoked my first joint down by the Chicago river and sat there and I thought that I could take this same themes, attitudes and sense of space and I could make white suburban delinquent music. – Iggy Pop

The Stooges weren’t technically proficient players. They couldn’t play with a lot of velocity, they didn’t have a lot of technique, they didn’t music theory, they didn’t know how some chords were developing into other chords, but that wasn’t important for what they were trying to do. And the crowning jewel was of course Iggy’s performance. – Wayne Kramer [MC5]

When he hit the stage it was like nothing I ever experienced before. It was a little intimidating. I never met somebody with that attitude. It was so ‘in your face’ and so defying. – Mick Rock [photographer]

I’ve heard some of his albums and it sounded like nihilistic rock, which fascinated me. – David Bowie



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