30 Years Ago: The Smiths’ Final-Ever Gig @Brixton Academy, London  

The Smiths' Final Gig - 12th December 1986, Brixton Academy, London  

30 Years Ago: The Smiths @Brixton Academy, London  


Excerpt from Johnny Rogan’s Morrissey & Marr: The Severed Alliance

The postponed Artists Against Apartheid concert was rescheduled, without The Fall for 12 December [2016] at London’s Brixton Academy. By that time, Marr was fully recovered [car crash] and the recent outbreaks of gig violence were a distant memory. Few in the audience that evening could have guessed that they were watching The Smiths’ final performance [gig] on British soil [The Smiths offered a five-song set on February 7th (19867) at Italy’s San Remo Festival, a two-song set on April 10th at The Tube and a final appearance at Top Of The Pops two weeks later featuring a miming of ‘Sheila Take A Bow’]. The set began with ‘Ask’, that strangely controversial single which, for different reasons, irked both John Porter and Craig Gannon. A healthy half-dozen tracks from The Queen Is Dead saw The Smiths caught in time, ready to step into a New Year which would actually prove their last. For fans who had followed the tour, there was the welcome addition of two songs fresh to live performance: ‘Shoplifters Of The World Unite’ and ‘Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others’. Morrissey’s vocal inflexions sounded more eccentric than ever, seldom more so than on the surprise medley ‘London/Miserable Lie’. ‘This Night Has Opened My Eyes’, played for the first time since 1984, proved another highlight. Appropriately this pre-yuletide show conjured up the ghosts of Christmas past by ending with ‘Hand In Glove’, the song that had launched the group’s superlative recording career. – Johnny Rogan

The Smiths @Brixton Academy, Final Gig


Bigmouth Strikes Again
London / Miserable Lie
Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
Shoplifters of the World Unite
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
Is It Really So Strange?
Cemetry Gates
This Night Has Opened My Eyes
Still Ill
The Queen Is Dead
William, It Was Really Nothing
Hand in Glove

The Smiths @San Remo Festival


The Smiths @The Tube, Final Performance

The Smiths @TOTP, Final Appearance



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