Broken Hands @ Albert Hall, Manchester [REVIEW]

Broken Hands review //

Broken Hands @ Albert Hall, Manchester[REVIEW]

Alejandro De Luna

It’s hard not to think of Richard Ashcroft’s druggy and nasal-tone and the psychedelic ambience of the early Verve albums when you listen to the five-piece band from Canterbury – assigned to open for The Cult in the always intriguing Albert Hall in Manchester. This classic English singing style – started by Lennon, aggravated by John Lydon and exaggerated by Liam Gallagher – that pronounces certain words in a certain way e.g. shiiiiine, comes to mind when the long haired vocalist hits the mic. Other textures slightly bring back the sound of other groups like The Music, but Broken Hands is not just a recreation of their predecessors. The group presents a heavier sound boosted by rioutous distorted riffs and incessant drumming.

Moreover, the ability of the band to deliver compelling broken tempos and atmospheric textures that flirt with psychedelia is worth listening. The five piece band are at their best when they play their most thoughtful and atmospheric sidewayPieces like ‘Metor, ‘’Should I’ and even ‘Turbulence’ bring layers of noise with a cinematic vibe, while other rockier tracks like ‘Four’ and ‘Who Sent You’ have a grungier and more direct feel. Despite having a relatively long career, it seems that Broken Hands are still floating in the oblivion of deciding what’s the sound that will define them in the future. Would it be the psychedelic perplexing noise that make you think of the importance of Hawkwind or the simplicity of a straightforward rockier sound? Time will tell…




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