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Raquel Welch, Brigitte Bardot, Monica Bellucci, Soledad Miranda & more. Film scenes and songs celebrating the timeless femme fatale.

“Jools Holland embarks on a personal journey through the streets, historical landmarks, pubs, music halls and rock ‘n’ roll venues of London to uncover a history of the city through its songs, the people who wrote them and the Londoners who joined in the chorus.”

William Burroughs´words of wisdom on why does a man become a heroin addict. Taken from his autobiographical book, Junky […]

“Transformer looks back at the 70s contemporary society and art practice, considering the aspects of transvestism and sexual self-reflection in art. The exhibition takes its title from the seminal 1972 album by Lou Reed, finding its parallel in the worlds of fashion and glam rock.”