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The Smiths' Final Gig - 12th December 1986, Brixton Academy, London  

A recap on The Smiths’ unexpected final gig as told by The Smiths and Morrissey biographer Johnny Rogan.

An extensive career that goes way beyond The Smiths’ legendary guitar wizardry and the jingle-jangle soundscapes of a Rickenbacker. Talking Heads, The Pretenders, Electronic, Pet Shop Boys, Modest Mouse, The Cribs and more…

Iggy pop

50 mins documenting the journey of the best band in American rock history, followed by the experimentalism with Bowie in Berlin…

Johnny Marr quotes

Johhny Marr on the importance of The Who and Pete Townshend´s legacy.

Bob Dylan on his influences, heroes, rock ‘n’ roll, and the people who immortalized his legacy. A demonstration of his obsession with words and an open letter against music journalists and critics.

Just a couple of days ago, the insatiable machine of pop culture named David Bowie, unexpectedly returned with an exciting announcement after attending a fundraising event in a London bar. Is it The Next Day´s follow-up? The most expected comeback in the history of live music? A single? Old rarities from his vault? While we wait for the “voracious reader” and a man who “reads a book a day” to make his move, will you start grabbing one of these works or you´ll continue wasting your time with the comfort of nonsense?

Despite the album was considered by the majority of the music press as “the worst album ever made”, Lester Bang considered Lou Reed´s Metal Machine Music (1975) as “the greatest record ever made in the history of the human eardrum”, while Lou said that with this infamous collection of noise, he invented heavy metal, grunge, noise rock and everything related to feedback-like perversion. And, maybe he´s right…Enjoy one of the best music reviews ever written […]

Bob Dylan´s words of wisdom from democracy to death […]

William Burroughs´words of wisdom on why does a man become a heroin addict. Taken from his autobiographical book, Junky […]

Beach Boys´mastermind recalls his most fucked up phase during the “Smile” sessions. Extract from Nick Kent´s essential article: “The Last Movie Revisited: the Life Of Brian Wilson” […]

Today´s thirty four years since Ian´s tormented mind, weak body and lyrical genius, left a 23 year-old miserable existence. We all know the legend: After watching Stroszek – a Werner Herzog film – listening to Iggy Pop´s […]

Words of wisdom by Alan Vega on Iggy´s most troublesome phase

Words of wisdom by Dee Dee Ramone on Iggy´s most troublesome phase