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Henry Rollins Interview

An interview with Henry Rollins on politics, music and record collections

A conversation with Alison Mosshart and Jack Lawrence on Dodge and Burn, creative processes, Nashville vs London and more…

Resonators - Scarlet Page

A rock ‘n’ roll photograph is the ultimate counterpart of the sound. Images matter. Visual art matters in music. Cutting-edge rock ‘n’ roll photographers matter and Resonators is a proof of it.

Meet these wackos. They call themselves, The Chewers, a duo coming from the desolated streets of West Virginia that bring dissonance, cacophony and madness to your […]

An exclusive conversation with Arsène Welkin, founder of Black Totem Records and member of Thee Maximators – a French duo of distorted and lo-fi hysteria […]

“We’re just a bunch of fucking weirdos you wouldn’t let anywhere near your kids”, says Chris O-C (organ/synth keys/backing vocals) from Phobophobes – an outrageous and perverse gang of reverberating misery and decadent but endangered coolness.

“Some of my earliest memories were of me and mum dancing around the living room to The Temptations, Bob Marley, David Ruffin and Marvin Gaye”, says Joe Taylor, a 24-year old artist whose debut EP, Blossom Avenue, provides a fresh recap through the African-American music legacy.

Meet Trent Halliday, ex-member of the extinct London-based garage band, Deep Sea Green and Three Days Dark´s commander in chief, a guitar-oriented solo project that relies comfortably on 60´s psychedelia overlapped with dirty thick layers of blues, tons of reverbs, fuzz and garagesque madness that work out as evocative landscapes through the pure and classic essence of rock ‘n’ roll.

This band is a worthy rock n´ roll revival with a colossal sound. “Ennio Morricone´s rock n´roll” is how they described themselves before and they might not be wrong if you think of spaghetti western soundtracks overlapped with American´s cowboy-desert sound fuelled with heavy drugged, psychedelic passages.