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This print goes deep into the cryptic Morrissey jukebox of personal favourites, handpicked songs, albums, most revered singers and obscure artists…

The Jesus and Mary Chain Gig preview

The Jesus and Mary Chain’s culmination of a deeply influential career from a group at the top of British pop music and anarchic noise.

The Smiths' Final Gig - 12th December 1986, Brixton Academy, London  

A recap on The Smiths’ unexpected final gig as told by The Smiths and Morrissey biographer Johnny Rogan.

Flashback: The Beatles - White Album

A double album with a chaotic and sprawling nature, full of quirky sounds, dreamy melodies and bitterness.

A conversation with Alison Mosshart and Jack Lawrence on Dodge and Burn, creative processes, Nashville vs London and more…

David Bowie

A legacy that will live on forever on thousands of people, an incalculable number of musicians, genres and artists that were influenced by your pioneering sound and vision, genius, sexual liberation, looks and justifiable insolence.

Resonators - Scarlet Page

A rock ‘n’ roll photograph is the ultimate counterpart of the sound. Images matter. Visual art matters in music. Cutting-edge rock ‘n’ roll photographers matter and Resonators is a proof of it.

★★★★★ A sin city filled with circuses, theatres, cabarets, night clubs, poets, art installations, stand up comedians, strippers, posers, fakers, rockers, punks, activists, spiritualists, hipsters, hippies, ideologists, dreamers…

“Jools Holland embarks on a personal journey through the streets, historical landmarks, pubs, music halls and rock ‘n’ roll venues of London to uncover a history of the city through its songs, the people who wrote them and the Londoners who joined in the chorus.”

Text originally published for Gigslutz – After last year´s cancellation, the festival that defends no sponsorship/no branding and embraces musical diversity is back with an eclectic line-up and some unmissable acts. Here are our ten acts you must not miss this weekend […]

★ ★ ★ ★ If you think that David Bowie, next to Marc Bolan, The New York Dolls and Roxy Music pioneered glam rock and androgyny in music, well, it´s true, but you´re certainly not giving credit to Jobriath, this graceful and unlucky man…

The Ramones: the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, lightning fast guitar riffs, sloppy singing, lyrics about girls, sex, glue sniffing, beating brats with a baseball bat […]

Before Guns N´Roses became a disgraceful tribute band (caused by Mr. Rose´s ego) and one of the biggest humiliations in rock history, this gang of ugly and filthy criminals, fueled in amphetamines and other class A drugs, was […]

The godfather of melancholia and wisdom becomes 55 today and as a tribute, here´s many lists written by the man himself compiling his favourite albums, songs and singers of all time.

Today´s thirty four years since Ian´s tormented mind, weak body and lyrical genius, left a 23 year-old miserable existence. We all know the legend: After watching Stroszek – a Werner Herzog film – listening to Iggy Pop´s […]

In the aftermath of Morrissey´s most difficult year in a 2013 full of illnesses, cancellations, and the lack of a record label (a constant in his career), it seems that Manchester´s melancholic poet´s back in shape […]

Frank Zappa surely was one of the greatest musicians on the planet. But to hell of it, there are more “greatest musicians ever” than I could ever count, and that will not make a big impression on you. More important, this dude was simply the craziest and most unpredictable, sometimes disturbing dude that the music scene had to offer.

‘I need to be myself, I can’t be no one else. I’m feeling supersonic, give me gin and tonic’, sings born to be arrogant – born to cause trouble – born to be impertinent – born to conquer, Liam Gallagher in the Oasis debut single that turns 20 today.

“Transformer looks back at the 70s contemporary society and art practice, considering the aspects of transvestism and sexual self-reflection in art. The exhibition takes its title from the seminal 1972 album by Lou Reed, finding its parallel in the worlds of fashion and glam rock.”