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Tenebrous Liar- Turn It On [Review]

Self-imposed desolation and funereal industrial noise, ambient and krautrockian delirium.

Some thoughts by our goblin reviewer on Dream Theatre and the genre that bothers the editor of this site.

★★★★☆ It is audaciously psychedelic and sonically estranged. It is hypnotic almost to the point of being repetitive, but only almost! […]

★★★★☆ An entirely instrumental record full of slow, deep echoey rhythm and somber piano melodies […]

★★★☆☆ incredibly melodically driven, solid instrumental tightness, musicality, and, above all, an ear for the ear-worm […]

★★★1/2☆ An attempt by those who have experienced alternative states of consciousness to communicate their psychic explorations without relying solely on linguistics…Like time-travelling shoe salesmen in close proximity to unearthing universal truths, White Manna show you something else […]

★★★★☆ Although many bands channel retro sounds as a cynical marketing tool, Kobadelta have dived deep into the cold waters of a gothic-psychedelic darkness and returned to the surface clutching a black and shimmering musical pearl […]

★★★★☆ Pop songs with intricate arrangements, unusual sounds creating lush soundscapes and twisted rhythms along with a soothing, soft singing voice concentrating on themes of love, desire and breakup […]

★★★★ Songs that have the potential to sweep unnoticed beneath your eyelids and grow into beautiful tumours. A balance between the beautiful and the profane […]

★★★1/2☆ Annabel Dream Reader is an album so drenched in reverb one can’t help but wonder if that’s what they use to style their hair with […]