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godspeed you! black emperor review

An evening of cinematic and dystopian soundscapes by the Canadian post-rock heroes presenting their latest album Luciferian Towers…

melvins live review

Manchester’s sold-out show confirms that the Melvins sound like no one else…

morrissey spent the day in bed review

The ghost of Tomita surrounds the opening keyboard sequence of ‘Spent The Day In Bed’, Morrissey’s brand new single. Lyrically, in the first verse Morrissey celebrates the art of…

Richard Ashcroft review

Richard Ashcroft is a hell of a songwriter and undeniably still one of the best frontmen in Britain; cracking voice, brilliant lyrics, colossal tunes, northern swagger and of course, as always, the right shades. 

This print goes deep into the cryptic Morrissey jukebox of personal favourites, handpicked songs, albums, most revered singers and obscure artists…

Chelsea Wolfe Live Review

Chelsea Wolfe takes the audience through a bleak view of the world adorned by barricades of drone, doom metal and industrial bliss…

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Review 2017

The return of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s raw and gloomy sound reinforced by layers of unhinged distortion.

The Jesus and Mary Chain Gig preview

The Jesus and Mary Chain’s culmination of a deeply influential career from a group at the top of British pop music and anarchic noise.

Raquel Welch, Brigitte Bardot, Monica Bellucci, Soledad Miranda & more. Film scenes and songs celebrating the timeless femme fatale.

Madness Review

Madness’ mass of ska, pop sensibility and R&B soundscapes combined with the habitual extravaganza of humour and eccentricity.

Tenebrous Liar- Turn It On [Review]

Self-imposed desolation and funereal industrial noise, ambient and krautrockian delirium.

The Smiths' Final Gig - 12th December 1986, Brixton Academy, London  

A recap on The Smiths’ unexpected final gig as told by The Smiths and Morrissey biographer Johnny Rogan.

An extensive career that goes way beyond The Smiths’ legendary guitar wizardry and the jingle-jangle soundscapes of a Rickenbacker. Talking Heads, The Pretenders, Electronic, Pet Shop Boys, Modest Mouse, The Cribs and more…

A repertoire full of unforeseen and volatile timings, frantic vocals, killer riffs, imaginative guitar work and more…

Flashback: The Beatles - White Album

A double album with a chaotic and sprawling nature, full of quirky sounds, dreamy melodies and bitterness.

Sleaford Mods, Manchester REVIEW

Sleaford Mods are the last act that truly challenges the English status quo and the humdrum ordinariness. Uncompromising, violent and vigorous.


Four roaring bass guitars and a singing drummer. Visually shocking and sonically disturbing…

Interview: Alejandro Monfort – Mexican Guitarist The long music career of Alejandro Monfort represents the story of many. It exemplifies the hopes of those ones who are passionate about music since an early age and decide to take the risky step towards the unknown universe of rock music. This is the story of a Mexican …

★★★★★ Glastonbury is a 5-day fantasy of excess and artistic diversity. The options seem to be limitless…