MORRISSEY – Musical Influences & Favourite Artists/Songs/LPs [POSTER PRINT]

Chelsea Wolfe @Gorilla, Manchester (Live Review)

The Jesus and Mary Chain @Manchester Academy [REVIEW]

The Jesus and Mary Chain: the bond between pop and sonic disarray

Femme Fatale #1: Film Scenes & Songs

Madness @Manchester Arena [Review]

Tenebrous Liar – Turn It On [Review]

30 Years Ago: The Smiths’ Final-Ever Gig @Brixton Academy, London  

The wisdom of Johnny Marr beyond The Smiths


Flashback: The Beatles – White Album (1968)

Sleaford Mods @Manchester Academy [REVIEW]

Evil Blizzard @The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, UK [REVIEW]

Interview: Alejandro Monfort – Mexican Guitarist

Glastonbury 2016: Mud, filth and artistic diversity [REVIEW]

★★★★★ The Stone Roses in their hometown is an event like no other.


★★★★★ Iggy Pop, the man with the ability to transform a huge and detached venue into a sweaty and intimate punk-like room.

Fat White Family review

★★★★★ This could either be the worst gig you’ve ever seen or the best music event in years.

the-cult-review //

★★★☆☆ A battle between creative limitations and technical craftmanship

Broken Hands review //

★★★☆☆ Broken Hands’ battle between a psychedelic perplexing noise and the simplicity of a straightforward rockier sound

Richard-Hawley review //

★★★★☆ Richard Hawley’s elegant Orbison-esque soulful balladries are alternated with moments of full-blown psychedelia

Henry Rollins Interview

An interview with Henry Rollins on politics, music and record collections

Songs & Playlists

From songs that rip society, backstabbing dogs, the hypocritical, power-hungry pigs as well as the cowardly sheep to the most depressing, sorrowful and plain sad sound ever to grace a record. Welcome to the cream of Pink Floyd […]

The godfather of melancholia and wisdom becomes 55 today and as a tribute, here´s many lists written by the man himself compiling his favourite albums, songs and singers of all time.

This week we’ve got a two hour expedition into saxophone sprinkled rock, pop and jazz from the smoke filled rooms of America’s music back-catalogue […]

“The ‘godfather of punk’, Iggy Pop returns to 6 Music with even more eclectic and exciting music choices, delving into his personal record collection to give listeners an exclusive insight into the mind of one of the most influential rock stars of the last 40 years. This week he’s dealing with the Complaint Department […]

More Features & Interviews

A conversation with Alison Mosshart and Jack Lawrence on Dodge and Burn, creative processes, Nashville vs London and more…

David Bowie

A legacy that will live on forever on thousands of people, an incalculable number of musicians, genres and artists that were influenced by your pioneering sound and vision, genius, sexual liberation, looks and justifiable insolence.

Resonators - Scarlet Page

A rock ‘n’ roll photograph is the ultimate counterpart of the sound. Images matter. Visual art matters in music. Cutting-edge rock ‘n’ roll photographers matter and Resonators is a proof of it.

★★★★★ A sin city filled with circuses, theatres, cabarets, night clubs, poets, art installations, stand up comedians, strippers, posers, fakers, rockers, punks, activists, spiritualists, hipsters, hippies, ideologists, dreamers…

Words of wisdom

Johnny Marr quotes

Johhny Marr on the importance of The Who and Pete Townshend´s legacy.

Bob Dylan on his influences, heroes, rock ‘n’ roll, and the people who immortalized his legacy. A demonstration of his obsession with words and an open letter against music journalists and critics.

Just a couple of days ago, the insatiable machine of pop culture named David Bowie, unexpectedly returned with an exciting announcement after attending a fundraising event in a London bar. Is it The Next Day´s follow-up? The most expected comeback in the history of live music? A single? Old rarities from his vault? While we wait for the “voracious reader” and a man who “reads a book a day” to make his move, will you start grabbing one of these works or you´ll continue wasting your time with the comfort of nonsense?

Despite the album was considered by the majority of the music press as “the worst album ever made”, Lester Bang considered Lou Reed´s Metal Machine Music (1975) as “the greatest record ever made in the history of the human eardrum”, while Lou said that with this infamous collection of noise, he invented heavy metal, grunge, noise rock and everything related to feedback-like perversion. And, maybe he´s right…Enjoy one of the best music reviews ever written […]